Monday, November 8, 2010

The Danny

                            Please click on me, I'm even cuter when I'm big.
Ps... This photo isn't even posed, my photographer is just that good at getting candid shots.

Well HELLO little cupcakes!! I've been wanting to post you on the blog for ever and ever. Sadly, the occasion doesn't come around that often for me to do an order of cupcakes, as the crowd around here are more of the 3 tier wedding cake type crowd. I got a chance to make these little guys for a  baby boy shower and was given the idea for a few different colors and started working on designs from there. I decided that I loved the idea of the phrase "cute as a button" for a baby shower and started playing with ideas for getting the little buttons incorporated. I mixed some fondant to match the frosting colors and then made each one of these little lovelies by hand. Trust me, that's a lot of buttons but I think they were worth it. There needed to be a good assortment of different flavors and so I made a few white, some yummy deep dark chocolate, red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting, lemon raspberry and probably my favorite..... white w/truffle filling!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Aubrey

Tim and Aubrey rock. Literally. Tim is a drummer and Aubrey more often than not is seen wearing a sweet pair of chucks and I'm almost positive that their make it or break it dating conversation went something like this..."How many kids do you want? Where do you want to settle down? Do you snore? What are your 5 favorite bands?" They're super awesome and fun to be around. They're also extremely laid back which is a huge load off when you're making a wedding cake. The only guideline that they gave me was CHOCOLATE, lots and lots of it please. That got me thinking, how I can stuff the most possible chocolate into a 3 tier wedding cake. Friends, this cake is the answer to that question. This is a buttermilk chocolate cake (dense, moist, you get the idea) with a double fudge chocolate frosting (denser, sweeter, moister, this is getting really good now). Then I thought..... why not cover the chocolate with chocolate. So I did, cause I don't mess around; especially when it comes to making the cake of a couple that rocks this hard.

Aubrey told me that her colors were teal like you see in the ribbon, and a goldish champagney (both newly invented adjectives). I really loved both of those colors and the teal wasn't difficult to get incorporated into the cake design but how to get the goldish champagney color? I found some beautiful edible gold dust to dust chocolate tiles with and I think that when it all came together it made a combination that has become my favorite cake to date.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Staci

Is there anything greater than when two of your friends get married and start working on the happily ever after thing? Well.... I'm not gonna lie, it's better to get married yourself and live happily ever after but seeing your friends do it is a close second. The first time I met the groom he was wearing a gladiator outfit and rescued me from having to walk home because I locked my keys in my car. Literally a knight in shining armor, not my knight but still, the man was obviously meant to get married, saving damsels in distress and all. The first time I met the bride was much less dramatic. I think I was cleaning out my food cupboard in the house I shared with my favorite Vegas girls. We became roommates soon after that and in a house with five girls there was no lack of drama. I was so excited to be able to come back down to Vegas and make this cake for them, it was a great opportunity to be with so many great old friends. The reception was the perfect party and everywhere you looked people could be seen having a rockin time.  They had a yummy lemon raspberry cake with classic white buttercream (quickly becoming a favorite among the Vegas crowd it seems) and a bottom layer of plain white cake for the guests that wanted something a little less on the jazzed up side. The shades of blue and green they decorated with reflected the kind of couple they are, cute and bright and fun. They were even gracious enough to let me take a picture with them so that I could make an appearance on the blog, it's just not something I could pass up. Love these guys.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Kayla - 2.0

I've never before been to a wedding where there was a whole roasted pig, let alone had one of my cakes on the same menu as a whole roasted pig. That all changed this year friends. The beautiful bride that had me do her cake is Filipino and her reception was beautiful and fun with little bits of Filipino tradition here and there, thus a giant roasted pig complete with the apple. Super fun, but maybe a little too graphic for the cake blog :) This fun couple had a spring appropriate lemon raspberry swirl cake. It was 3 layers, with buttercream of course. The design for this cake was based on The Kayla with a couple little upgrades. I love using fresh flowers like these on a cake, for me that makes all the difference in the presentation. I found some pretty hot pink tipped roses and some cream and lime hydrangeas courtesy of my resident flower guy Jon. They ended up matching the wedding colors perfectly.

The Cecilia

Oh how I love a decisive bride, a bride that knows just what she wants. On the other hand I also love brides that don't really know what they want too because we get to do sketches and look at different ideas. Aw forget it - I guess I just love brides, because mostly I'm just a big sucker for weddings. Anyway, this bride was super with it and came to me with an idea for exactly what she wanted. It was elegant and lovely and I was excited to get to do something a little different from what I've done before. One thing that she was very focused on was having a cake without fondant because she wanted something that would be delicious (my kind of girl) but also wanted it to be very smooth with some shimmer. I was able to make the cake for her without using any fondant at all - that's right friends, that's all buttercream you see before you - and found some gorgeous luster dust to add in to give it that extra shine. She had a lemon raspberry swirl top with a rich chocolate middle and a marble base because she wanted to mix it up and have a little something for everyone.

The Dottie - Pink Style

What's funner than Polka Dots? If you say that you can think of something I'm gonna say that you're probably lying. I got a message from this bride that she was a fan of The Dottie and wanted it done in pink. I was more than up for that. She also let me know that she was getting married in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Nevada and she wasn't sure that I would be up for going all the way out there. Little did she know that I have family that lives in the middle of nowhere Nevada. An excuse to make another version of one of my favorite cakes and an excuse to see my family out in the boonies? I was all in. When I got there to deliver the cake I was blown away by how cute her decorations were. She had a little outside ceremony and the cutest dang polka dot photo background I've ever seen, so cute in fact that I had to post it even though it has nothing to do with cakes. The cake was a 3 layer marble with buttercream frosting and I'm not sure what flavor those massive cupcakes she had made were but they look pretty yummy too.

The Zoe

I'm lucky. Why? Because I have cool friends that support me in what I do. Take Van and Jill for example. I've known Van for quite awhile and he was kind enough to do my wedding photos for me when I got married. He's a great photographer ps... and if you're at all interested in cool pictures I would highly recommend checking him out you might even catch a glimpse or two of me in there. Anyway, aside from doing pictures he's a graphic designer so he did some pretty cool invitations for his wedding that I was able to get a little inspiration from. Here comes the lucky part. When I asked Van what he wanted me to do with his cake he just said.... "whatever you want, be creative." MUSIC to a decorators ears. Finally! So I spent a few hours at my boring desk job scribbling and doodling and designing until I finally got something and I went to work baking and icing and at last I was ready to start the designing.

So I added a couple of daisies here and there.......

and some curly twirls.....

And I came up with this fun little cake

Then because I was so charmed by the little daisies that I had leftover and I sure couldn't just throw them away I made a cupcake or two....

Just for good measure.......

Let me know what you think.